Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Goals

Ok, so I have a few goals that I feel like I need to do.

Goal #1 – Change my freaking blog name! To anyone who just glances at it, it really just looks like I’m that retarded girl that just has to say “polish” twice. No one is gonna read back and figure out what the story behind it is and to be honest, it’s really retarded. I named it when I was….18. Yea…  
Time Length = 1 Month

Goal #2 – Change the look. I need something brighter and more versatile for what I’m wanting to do. This blog will have to have the look of an overall blog, not just nails anymore. I’m talking cooking and decorating stuff as well.      
Time Length = 1 Month

Goal # 3 – To be more consistent…I’ve always had the motto of being consistent with my character so why should having regular blog posts be any different?  
 Time Length = Forever

Goal #4 – Start an Etsy shop. You can buy, paint and sell nail sets to people. Erg. Meh. Gersh. Something I like that…could make money at the same time? Who said a job had to be something you hate. ^_^     
Time Length = 3-5 Months

Wish me luck and please…keep me accountable. :)

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