Monday, October 6, 2014

Nina Meets Glam


I really do love the Nina nude polishes, so I decided to try out two designs at the same time. Hence this one being on my right hand.

With the same Nina “Spun Sugar”, I did another tape mani. It was deffinelty more of a hassle doing in on my non-dominant hand but I really liked the looks of this one. Not super noticeable but it still had the glam factor.

So I took a piece of tape, folded it in half, cut out a thinner line at the bottom and flared it out at the top to be wider to make the shape you see there. Laid her on top and used Sally Hansen’s XtremeWear 485 “Golden-I” to get a nice gold color.

Once that was somewhat tacky, I tried putting E.L.F. “Golden Goddess” on top. Didn’t quite work just brushing it on so I ended up using a toothpick to place the shiny flecks where I wanted them. Once that was done and it still being wet-ish, I carefully pulled the tape off.

For those who may not know, it’s a lot harder getting the tape off without pulling polish if it’s still a bit wet. And another thing I do is I touch the sticky side of the tape a few times so it doesn’t stick so hard either.

Anywho, That’s all for today!

Ta ta for now!

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