Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

So, my nails have been a bity flaky and I’ve been waiting for them to stop before I submit them to polish again and it’s driving me cRaZy!!! But, I have several things I want to try soon and I might just start doing stuff again out of impatience. ^^  PLUS, last Tuesday was my 19th Birthday(Happy Birthday to Me! Heehee!)  and my lovely sister, Kendle, my wonderful grandparents, and my amazing Mom all gave me nail stuff! Which I’m dying to use!

I had gone with Kendle to one of her classes so that I could register for my GED, and after that, we went to Sally’s Beauty Supply while we waited for Orange Leaf to open. FYI, Orange Leaf is a self-serve, frozen yogurt place that is absolutely amazing. And they are becoming gluten-free for all you out there watching that aspect.

Anyways, the polish. :) So we go in Sally’s and right away, I saw that they had some magnetic polish from Finger Paints and knew that I had to get some! It’s a bronzy color that’s really cool and it’s really neat how it works! I would totally get another color too!  It’s Finger Paints Magnetic Nail Color – Cop An Attitude. The next one was in a dollar rack and how could I have passed that up? Lol Savvy – Golden Honey and I also got a sparkle polish by Finger Paint called Laugh My Art Off.  You have to get a couple layer for it to be it’s own polish, but I think I’m gonna use it mainly as an accent. Another design idea of mine. :)

Here’s what my grandparents sent me!!

Cina Nail Art Flirtini and Pink Cosmo, Cina Nail Art Decals(hearts), and two really cute files! I like the peacock one best! I had actually been thinking the other day that I should mess around with some stuff like this(not sure what to call it. ^^)  and so it was perfect timing! I’m gonna get some wheel thingy’s that have several compartments to put it in so it doesn’t spill everywhere.

And then, Mom and Dad gave me theses! It’s a Sally Hansen Acrylic Top Coat, Nailene Artist Expressions kit and a Sally Hansen “No More Mistakes” Manicure clean-up pen. I so needed another top coat cuz my Orly top coat is getting low…. The Artist Expressions kit looks really neat and I’ll have to do something with that soon. I’m hoping to have a friend over this weekend to do her nails so hopefully, I’ll have another post coming soon.

So, yea. I had a pretty good birthday. We had Reubens for supper, German Chocolate cake and I got lot’s of goodies.

As you can see…..I have a sweet tooth that the Candy Man would be jealous of. Lol It also gives me motivation to work out harder. Heehee! I won’t let those pounds catch up to me! :D  Oh, and I got the Bourne Trilogy!! So Excited!! This is literally what I did when I opened it. 

Lol, Anyways, hope you all are having a wonderful week and hopefully, I’ll have another post soon. :)

In Christ,

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