Monday, April 9, 2012

Jamaica Me Crazy!

So last week, I went to my friends house and did her nails and I don’t mean to brag, but I think I did  a  pretty good job on some of them! And she gave me a birthday gift! Errr….Birthday giftssssss. ^^

Pure Ice - Jamaica Me Crazy, Pure Ice – Cheatin, Revlon – 730 Valentine, and Revlon – 915 Crème Brûlée. Along with a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, in black. It’s really neat, but its not very good for a very detailed image. Or maybe that’s just my lack of talent. Heehee! It was so funny, cuz she said that she got most of them based on the names. Love her! The Jamaica Me Crazy is more of a deep fuchsia, with a nice purplely shimmer to it. So ready to try it out! She also got me…..

This amazing box! I actually have no idea what to call it, so box it is! And it’s so cute! It gave me A LOT of room and I have a place for most of my little accessories now! I love it.

So now that we saw those, on to her nails!!

On the thumb here, I did the most retarded butterfly wing. :P For the index, I did a white base and I stamped with Red Angel Plate 103, doing a multy color experiment with purple, orange and green. On the middle finger, we did sort of a retro type thing with a blue, what is supposed to be a bright pink and a nice purple.  I used my new magnetic polish for herring finger and it turned out pretty cool! Last, but not least, I used a Pure Ice Free Spirit as my base and just did some black and white polka dots. I love that color green. Next!

For the thumb, I did a cute little chick inside an egg. And now is where I’m realizing how sloppy of a job I did. :P Oh, well…I did a navy blue base(PI French Kiss?) and then I did the PI Free Spirit half way up and did opposite dots on either side. Laura, aka, friend who “volunteered” her hands for me, said that she thought it would have looked better with different colors and I think I agree with her. ^^  I think I used my new Revlon color for the base and I used my “Artist Expression” kit thingy…lol Ring finger time!! This is one of my favorite designs so far! I saw it on julep blog here  and fell in love! It was the most fun to do out of all of them. :) And on the pinky, we did China Glaze For Audrey with a blue glitter by Finger Paints. Laugh My Art Off, I do believe. 

Well, that’s all I have for nails today. :) I hope to have another post soon.  Let me know what y’all think, if there’s anyone there. :)

In Christ,


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