Thursday, March 8, 2012

Demo hands!

Hola! I have a feeling that I’m very quickly becoming addicted to blogging. ^^ But that’s ok. It’ll give me some good practice with my writing skills.
So, in the past three days, I have obtained nine polishes. Er….Six polishes and three strippers(strip-ers). Augh! I feel so dyslexic right now! I can't tell if i'm writing the right word!  *^^*  Strip as in a straight line. :P

 Both of these are L.A. Color-Color Craze and the first one, the glittery one, is NP447 Jewel Tone and the beige is NO403 Mega Watt. Jewel Tone is a clear coat with glitter, great for playing up a plain color and the beige is quite shear so you’d need at least three coats to have a good color. I also bought a white, gold and silver strip-ers.

 When I normally do my nails, I do what I call “demo nails” which is a different design on each nail and that’s what I did last night! I used just about all my new colors and I used a lot of ideas from other people. So here’s my disclaimer: None of the following designs are mine unless I actually say they are mine. If I don’t know who did that certain design and you(reader) do, please message me so that I can give credit where it belongs. :) I will try to write where I got each idea however. Most of these today I have found on Project:Nails. Link below…

On to my nails!

Since there are so many, I’m not going to describe them all. If there’s a particular one you’d like to know how I did, then message me. The middle finger is the only one that I can actually fine who did it and I copy that one from “LOVE4NAILS” on YouTube. Here’s the link.

I happen to be very proud of the fact that there’s not a stamp on any of them. Aka, all free-handed. :D I have to say that the ring fingernail on this hand could have done without the inside diamond. :P It looked fine with just the first two.

Anyways, that’s all I have for today!
In Christ,

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