Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bundle Monster Plate 319 - Rainbow Style!

Afternoon, Chickies!

Sooo first off…I’m sorry for being absent. I’ve been working at a summer camp for inner city kids with one or both parents in jail and we teach them about Christ and what he did for us. We get to do a lot with the kids and sometimes, this is the only time in their life that they actually hear the name of God that isn’t in a cuss word. :/  And these kids just LOVE attention and boy, do we love giving it! It’s always a cry fest for us counselors when they leave cuz we won’t be seeing them again for another year….If they come back. This was my third year of being out there and it’s really rewarding and very tiring. :) It has really challenged me in my walk with the Lord and it has helped me be able to explain the simplest concept to someone. Er…I’m still learning how. :D

Anyways, that were I was for so long. So. :) For this mani that I’m showing you, I used one of my new Bundle Monster plates(!!) and some rainbow colors. For my base coat, I used Pure Ice Superstar and a variety of colors with plate 319. If you’d like the list of colors, please comment. :) I was wanting to do a quick mani and I wish that I had taken more time doing it because obviously, it's a bit messy. But I thought it was cool. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but ok. 

Actually, that reminds me. Has anyone else had any trouble with the new BM plates not transferring to the stamper?? There’s a couple in my set that don’t want to work and one was the owl print that I was really looking forward to. :’’(

So yea. So what have y’all done this summer? Hope it’s been a great one!

In Christ,

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