Friday, August 3, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress 56707 KDS09

Good  Morning-Almost-Afternoon!

So the other night, I wasn’t really in the polish mood but I still wanted something to be on my nails because I had been giving them a break from polish during my last camp week. And I was getting a bit pissed off actually because of that. Retarded I know.  :P But anyways, my dad wanted me to take him into town for a while and so I thought that I’d drop by CVS and pick up a thing of “nail stickers” or whatever you call them. So I got some! 

Kiss Nail Dress 56707 KDS09. I’m wondering if that thing there<<< is supposed to be the name. I have no idea…BUT, it came with 28 strips in 14 sizes, a design booklet that’s really cool, and a file with two different file densities on it. This is nice, cuz you can use the courser one to actually remove the excess strip, and the finer side to file it smooth.

The booklet had some very cool ideas in it for other things you can do with the strips and hopefully I’ll be able to do something with that soon. :) We’ll see. 

So here’s the first day’s wear. Er..Night. It took about fifteen-twenty minutes to do them, start to finish, but I’m sure that if you were focusing more on the nails than something else(like I was doing..), you’d be able to get it done sooner. Heehee!

And here’s day three. It says on the box that it last up to 10 days, but you would have to be really nice to your hands for them to last that long. Either that or you’d have to be willing to put up with the hang-ups from them. On the fourth day, which is not pictured, I took them off because of a few reasons.

#1. They were catching on things and that SOOOOO bugges me.

#2. I was bored with them.

#3. I felt no pride in them. You know how you do a really cool mani and you’re just like “Yea! I did those myself!”? So yea. :P

I really did like them when I put them on and it was GREAT for a really quick mani when you either don’t have time or you just aren’t in the mood to paint.  Loved the design as well! It’s so cute and that gave me a very obvious idea for nails. It’s almost a “Dur dur-dur dur!” moment. :P

Have you ever tried any nail “sticker”? What did you think of them?

In Christ,

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