Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tribal Nails

Guten Tag!

So one of the last times I was on YouTube, I saw this talented lady do some tribal stuff and I decided that I was going to try it!

Since it was my first time trying the tribal stuff, I decided to just do exactly what she did in the video. So these are NOT my own ideas. I just wanted to get my feet wet so I could get an idea of what tribal stuff is like.  And trust me. There will be more!

Anyways, I used the Revlon 730 Valentine from my previous post and a white stripper pen from Art Deco. It was a very interesting process and I’m somewhat in love with it. Hmm… I really like how it’s kinda funky, but at the same time, it has that ancienty look to it, since it’s tribal. I don’t know. :) I have an odd look on most things..Heeheee!

So yea.  Yeah for new things!! Anything you’ve just recently tried that turned out better than you’d hoped?

In Christ,

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