Sunday, September 7, 2014

Date Night Sparkles

Hey Lovelies!

So the other day, my Hubby and I went on a date and I figured "Why not try something new with my nails?". So...I did and I ended up using 8 polishes total. 0.o

I've never really done the whole "most-fingers-one-way-and-one-accent-nail" thing and I was really curious to try it. So I looked at my dress that I was gonna be wearing and figured something off that. It's a real cute burgundy color that's A-line and ends above the knee. It has kind of a rectangle/triangle-ish design in it so I looked for something similar in my nail plate. (Yes, this involved nail plates.Yay!)

So I started out with a new base coat, Pure Ice - Bottom Line Base Coat, and did a base color of E.L.F.'s Metal Madness which is a charcoal black with holographic sparkles in it. I really only had to use one layer of this because it covers so nicely so that was wonderful.

Now for the nail plate. I stamped Bundle Monster 210 in Sinful Colors - Snow Me White on every finger BUT my ring fingers.

The top middle is the lucky design today...

Once that was stamped and dried, I used Revlon's 730 Valentine, Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy and Pure Ice Watermelon Ice(Which there will be more on this color soon...) in a gradient over the stamp. This obviously didn't effect the base color with it being so dark.

On the ring fingers, I used an un-named Melissa polish that has pink and silver flecks in it. It's old..So I had to wait forever on it to dry as well as re-do one because I smudged it.. This is a brand that's no longer in production unfortunately. :/ 

Finished up with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat as always and there you have it! Loved them and they're now in my favorites list! 

Ta ta for now!

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