Friday, November 21, 2014

Losing and Gaining

Everyone!!  I know that I’ve been a crappy blogger for the past two weeks….BUT!  I have a job!

I’m super excited to say that I now work at a local Starbucks! I love it already; the fast pace, my co-workers and being around and learning about coffee! Plus, I have something to do after the house is clean. :p

…And I’m super sad to say that they don’t allow nail polish at Starbucks.

So…I will only be able to do an actual mani when I have several days off in a row. However, I’ve started painting nail sets so I’ll be posting those and their Etsy links.

I will also be doing some make-up reviews because I am going to be receiving Ipsy bags! For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a $10 monthly subscription where they send you 4-5 deluxe sized to regular sized make-up produce once a month. More often than not, the value of the contents far exceed the cost of the subscription.

So. There won’t be as many nail mani’s, but there will be nail set posts and make-up reviews.

You won’t lose me, you won’t die ( ;) ) but there will be a little less of me.

Thank you all who read this and I hope you all enjoy what’s to come! Much love!


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