Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on me and Pōlish Polish

Well, good morning to whoever reads this! It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. I wanna say since before last fall. Since my last post, I have started college which has been amazing!! My first semester was good and I'm in my second week of the second semester and its going great so far and I am absolutely loving the college experience. I am going full time this spring with 14 credits and with various other things I do, my plate is pretty full. I've only done one other mani aside from that one I'm showing today since I've started school. I lost alot of steam for any inspiration and motivation to do any mani's and I didn't want to force it so that I didn't dread doing then, you know?

But anyways, it's been a while and I'm getting the hang of balancing school with everything else so I may be able to post occasionally. Plus I have an iPod touch now that allows me to make posts that include pics. It's amazing how that can help. :P

So here we go!

What I did for these was quite simple. I used Sally Hansen's French Kiss as my base and I wanted to do something else to them without being extravagant. I had had some rhinestones that I'd never used and I had enough yellow ones for both hands, so that's what I did.

I love the navy blue and yellow combo. Adding some white would have been nice but I wanted to keep it really simple.

Like I said, I've never used the rhinestones and its been very interesting. They stick up off my nails and its weird when it feels like I have something stuck to the base of my nails. Different.....but good. I might try something like that again sometime. :)

Well, hope you all have a great day and weeks to come. Adios, Chickas!

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